5 Times to Hire a Probate Lawyer


It can be a tremendous burden to handle the death of a loved one, and family court battles can make things more difficult. There are many avenues for debate in probate law; inheritances, assets, relationships and other factors all play a role. Therefore, it is always better to get advice from a probate lawyer in Singapore from IRB Law when facing such a battle. Below are five common scenarios where families may fight in court after a loved one passes away.

Tampered Finances and Undisclosed Assets

Before a person passes away, other relatives may try to hide assets from heirs. This may result in a protracted legal debate over rightful ownership. If it’s possible, people should handle these issues in a will to prevent inheritance disputes.

Later-in-Life Money-Grubbing Spouses

It sounds like something straight out of a made-for-TV movie: someone marries an elder solely to get access to their money. In these cases, family members can be left without an inheritance because of sudden will modifications. Without a trust or a will, legal destinies become entangled and cases become painful and difficult to navigate.

Family Entitlement

When someone passes away, assets and inheritances can be disbursed in a variety of ways. Local relatives often claim that they should receive a greater portion of the estate because of a deeper involvement with the person, but a probate lawyer can help to build a case for a client.

Caregiver Controversies

If a deceased person failed to choose a guardian, the state likely provided one later in life. Upon the person’s passing, a non-related caregiver may get a substantial amount of assets, leading to a family battle.

Undisclosed Children and Spouses

When loved ones pass, it may bring an extended family back together. In some cases, former spouses and children from previous marriages may appear, making it harder to divide one’s inheritance. Stepchildren and estranged children are commonly left out of wills, which can lead to a lengthy legal battle.

Whether a family is handling probate law issues or a person wants to prevent his or her heirs from fighting over an inheritance, they can count on a probate lawyer for help, counsel and legal advice. Call the office or visit the website to set an appointment.