Advice From The Small Business CEO Blog On Finding An Attorney After An Auto Accident


An automobile accident can have detrimental effects on those involved. In addition to the medical bills, injuries can leave a person without the ability to work and make ends meet, and many individuals have to deal with the emotional damage that follows a severe accident. Rather than going it alone, many people choose to hire an attorney to help them navigate the legal system and ensure a positive outcome. Here are a few tips to make finding a trustworthy attorney easier and help a person get back on their feet sooner rather than later.

Case Evaluation

Most reputable attorneys don’t charge clients for gaining information about an accident to determine if a case exists. Find an attorney that provides services without upfront fees and, instead, collects a percentage of the award or settlement amount. This allows a person to get quality legal representation without having to pay money out of pocket.

Competitive Fees

When a person is looking to hire an attorney, they should interview several and compare the costs charged by each professional. While the standard is as much as 40 percent of the total award amount, some attorneys only charge 30 percent, which will put more money in the pocket of the injured party. Don’t overpay for legal advice when an affordable attorney can still provide expert guidance and assistance with court proceedings.

Satisfaction Guarantee

An attorney shouldn’t lock their clients into a contract. Those who are committed to providing unparalleled legal counseling will allow their clients to walk away should they become dissatisfied with the service they are receiving. A satisfaction guarantee holds the attorney accountable for providing excellent legal support and gives the client the option of withdrawing from their services if they don’t feel well represented.

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