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Life has reached a point where it is now close impossible to survive without computers. By definition, one can say that a computer is an electronic device which accepts raw data from a user, processes data to produce the results of the processed data. In the current time, most of the enterprises are using computers in their business operations. Other than making work run efficiently, it has been made simple. To be able to operate a computer, one is required to undergo training. This training equips a trainee with all the mandatory skills of running all the computer packages. Almost all institutions of learning in the current time are offering computer studies. This prepares students for the future.

There are different types of components that make up a computer. These categories are either software or hardware. The hardware is made up of the tangible parts of a computer. Some of them include the mouse, central processing unit, keyboard, hard disks, monitor and so on. The software parts of a computer include files and folders, information stored in flash disks and DVDs and so on. All these parts are manipulated by a user to perform a specific task.

The first used computers belonged to a group of computers termed to as analogue. Other than these computers being slow and not portable, they heavily relied on power. Over the years, these computers have been modified to fit the modern world. Some features of the today’s computer include portability and increase in speed. The today’s computer has many features that makes it effective to only individuals but firms.

Use of computers has various advantages. To begin with, computers store information for a long period of time. Instead of storing information in files, folders and books which gets destroyed easily, computers store information in a much safer way. This prevents dust, water and even insects from getting access to such information. One should also understand that, storing information in a computer allows for access any day any time. As a result, a person who may be in need of any information impromptu can have access to it.
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Two, computers store large chunks of information in small storage devices. Everything that occurs in a firm should be well recorded. An example would be, a school should keep a record of all the students it has registered since the beginning of its operation. This is due to the fact that, a student in the past may require certain details about themselves for a particular period of time. Instead of going back to books, files and folders that might have been damaged or misplaced, storing information of students in computers makes it easy for retrieval.
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Thirdly, computers helps one save time. This comes when one needs to retrieve a certain piece of information. Computers have special devices for searching. The only thing one needs is supposed to have is the name of the file. The remaining work is done by a computer.