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Basic Information of DDO and Measures to Prevent It One of the most important concerns of an enterprise today is to keep its data safe. The many cases of security breaches on many corporations have put these cases on everybody’s concern and thus avoid unwanted intrusion. Organizations today, big or small, are facing their biggest challenge in securing their IT data. Small businesses in particular are the common targets of cyber criminals because they cannot afford to have strong security protocols. There are measures though that SMEs can advance their data protection by understanding their external web presence, securing through undertaking penetration testing and regularly updating security patches that will minimize exposure. There are now termed distributed denial of service attacks or DDoS that would attempt to take out resources of the network of small and big companies. Along with this increasing DDoS attacks, innovations in tools, targets and techniques are developed for security protection of the networks of small and big enterprises.
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Know that there are different ways a cyber attack will be done and these are through volumetric attacks, TCP state exhaustion attacks, and application layer attacks.
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Sensitive, protected and confidential data is said to be breached when it is viewed, stolen or used by an unauthorized person. There is now a mandate of strict governance of sensitive and personal data through industry guidelines and government compliance regulations that would help avoid data breaches. In order to secure your business from cyber attacks, there are some tips to follow. Your number one tip is to encrypt the data of your company for this is a great preventive control mechanism. Encrypting a file or database would mean having the right keys, and to decrypt a file or data, an individual has to have the right keys, which would take a very long time to guess. Note that you would the same effort as managing the digital world when you manage encryption keys such as access control lists. There should be also a regular view on who has been given access to data, and make sure to revoke it from the person when he or she no longer require it. Your next guideline is to choose a security that fits your business. A managed security service provider is advisable to have in order to put in more security to your system, and make sure that this provider can deliver flexible solution at a low cost and can provide upgrade path that is seamless. Another tip to follow is to educate your employees on the right handling and protection of the organization’s information. You can educate your people by emailing them about threats or during meetings conducted by your IT expert. Another way to avoid hacking is to install anti-virus software on your systems. Through this software, viruses from incoming emails will be deleted. Another way is to deploy security management strategy that would detect, prevent and respond immediately to these cyber attacks.